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Sarah Hanna on superheroes and their sidekicks

October 16, 2020

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Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sarah Hanna, CEO of ECS North, gave her staff a pep talk about the important role they play in supporting front-line health care workers in caring for those affected by the virus. “We are the motor that keeps this thing going,” she told them. Hear Hanna on how the pandemic has challenged, yet advanced, revenue cycle and payment processes; and how it has taught her, as a leader, that you’re never too experienced to “get back into” the day to day. “You’re never too old to do the processes that you did 30 years ago,” she says. “Just because you have the title of CEO – that means nothing when it’s all hands on deck.”

Liz Beaulieu
Theresa Flaherty

Sarah Hanna, CEO, ECS North

Change Healthcare

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